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Freightdata 2000: Freight Software; Freight Forwarding Software for Air Freight and Deep Sea, Shipping and Road Transport. Track and Trace internet cargo shipment tracking. Technical Specification
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Because Freightdata supports SQL Server as well as ORACLE you know that the strength of the database is secure and can offer limitless inter-connection of branch offices over LANS or WANS in one unified platform. Freightdata also provides multiple language support and allows freight companies in different international regions and Countries, the ability to interchange data via different languages.









The printing is multi–lingual so there is no confusion on printed documents where-ever they are sent or printed, anywhere in the world. The user has a choice of Pre-printed documents or the option to design and create his own.

Accounting links are fully supported, not only to SAGE, Peachtree, ACCPAC & Great Plains but to almost any accounting system with CSV Export/Import facilities. The Invoice production is multi-currency and supports up to 4 decimal places for truly world accounting conformity.

Never before has one package offered so much in a Freight environment. It has all you would expect from a true Windows system developed by the world’s leader in freight forwarding software.



The most exciting thing about Freightdata is it’s integration into other Windows family products. CargoFind� the acclaimed Internet Tracking System offers “Once only entry” via Freightdata, direct to the Internet and offers complete real-time updates of freight status - to keep your customers informed, hour by hour of the progress of their cargo. Freightdata takes the new technology of the Internet and provides it immediately on your desk. The doubt in needing other additional modules or enhancements is removed, leaving you free to use the fantastic capabilities of this true Windows connectivity.



Support for Freightdata is provided by 7 International Offices manned by Freightdata's own professional staff who understand the local needs of the customer. This is offered as far away as China, three Central European offices & three offices in the United States Of America, all dedicated to help the customer. Freightdata’s support services since 1979, have been unsurpassed first in UNIX and now in the latest Windows technology. It is one of the oldest and most established freight< software suppliers in the United Kingdom & United States and is probably the best known, throughout the world.





We have all heard of the term software language but what does it really mean.  Does the software language used make a difference to performance and number of users and so on. The answer is definitely yes. That is why Freightdata chose Microsoft's® VB6™ (Visual Basic) and not other Windows languages used by some competitors such as VBA™ (Visual Basic For Applications or Access itself)) a cut down version of VB6™. So what’s the difference. Well value for a start, a system developed in VB6 is generally a more expensive development product then VBA™. It is also designed with SQL/Oracle in mind using the power to offer true client Server applications. Microsoft’s Access was not designed primarily as a language, but as a small office database with tools for in house reports and front end input and interrogation.

That’s why FD2 uses “MS VB6” to provide full support to all its products. Power that it can produce. <Top>


By using Microsoft ACCESS™ as a language tool you use the data base engine in ACCESS rather then a more powerful data base such as SQL Server or Oracle. It is true you can link to these more powerful data bases but you have to channel them via the ACCESS engine, which can produce slower performance.

On larger system this can cause problems and using the ACCESS data base itself can cause slow performance on high disk seeking software such as used in freight forwarding. CargoFind� also uses MS SQL™ Server to power its Tracking software. So perhaps now you’re getting more insight into the workings of Freightdata 2000.

Recent studies carried out show that performance is effected drastically by using the ACCESS data base engine and it is not recommended therefore for serious computer users. Microsofts� SQL Server or ORACLE® is recommended for high end users. Need we say more.



  • Windows NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10 - Access, SQL & - ORACLE Databases - Full 32-bit - Links to SAGE, PeachTree, AccPac & DacEasy, Great Plains & other accounts systems.

  • Freightdata Document Storage (FDS) paving the way to the paperless office.

  • Direct links to the Internet, E-mail & Fax Links to the Internet for CargoFind© Track and Trace.

  • IATA Approved - Airport Security included, Direct links to the Airline including Cargo 2000. Plain paper MAWB and HAWB.

  • Print & Use in Five languages with easy to control Language change while using the system. Supports multiple language sets on one system.

  • Complete AIR, SEA & ROAD Software Job Costing & Management. Direct booking by customers onto your system.

  • All documents covered from Air Waybill (AWB) to Bill of Lading, from SED to SAD (Customs documents) and all normal transport documents. Plain paper Air Waybill

  • Graphical displays of freight management. Profit and loss and service comparisons including chargeable weights, cube and freight.



Minimum Specification

  • XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • 1Gb Memory
  • Pentium™ 5 Or Higher, 40GB Disk Space.
  • Provided via the Internet or CD package with full on-line documentation.
  • Including Administrator Guide, Welcome Manual, Registration and support information On-line with additional web based Help



  • Microsoft Visual Basic ®
  • Operates using SQL Server & ORACLE® Databases.
  • Small Business edition uses MS Access databases.


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