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Text Box: ARAMEX was founded 21 years ago as a small operation working out of two offices - in Amman, Jordan and in New York. Driven by a young, dynamic and dedicated leadership it has grown rapidly to become an international company with shares traded on the NASDAQ. ARAMEX today is a privately owned company with a recognised global brand name - renowned for its quality service and comprehensive multi-product offering that puts it in a league with the international giants of the transportation industry in its chosen markets. 
Historically, the company started as an international express package delivery operator. With flexibility and innovation, ARAMEX used its solid infrastructure for the development of additional products, including freight forwarding services, domestic express delivery services, logistics and e-fulfilment, catalogue shopping services, and other specialised services. With the incorporation of all these services, ARAMEX has become a one-stop total transportation solutions company.
ARAMEX today offers an extensive network across the world. With operations strategically located in all the major cities and hubs, it is able to service the world swiftly, effectively and on time. The network encompasses 134 offices in 34 countries with over 3000 people - offering total transportation solutions to retail and wholesale customers worldwide.
Aramex have been using Freightdata 2000 for over 7 years. 
In that time they have installed Freightdata in every corner of the globe from London to Bombay, from Bombay to China and China to the USA. It is the widest installed freight software on the planet and is used by other freight companies alongside ARAMEX. The software operates in five languages and offers invoicing options in every country including the South American continent. There is hardly a country left where Freightdata is not used. Itís flexibility to adapt in every environment makes FD2 such a success as it does not limited itself to one countries freight procedures. Aramex started using Freightdata first in Jordon and then expanded to Dubai before covering all the Middle  East. It then was installed in France followed by most of Europe including Russia and the eastern sector of Europe. It was later installed in Africa and the USA.