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Freightdata is a great success story for users in the Middle East and is the most widely used product there. Freightdata provides this familiar feel in 32 countries in five languages: that&##39;s why all customers feel at home with Freightdata 2000.
Exel Saudi Arabia Office
Exel/DHL Installs Freightdata 
in the Middle East




Exel/DHL Logistics has purchased Freightdata 2006 for the control of their cargo in the Middle East. The sites include Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh & Dubai.


Exel’s confidence in Freightdata 2006 to meet their needs in logistics and International Road, Sea & Air Freight, was boosted by the number of Customers Freightdata now has operating in the Middle East.

Exel chose Freightdata 2000 after visiting ARAMEX who use the software in 52 countries. Exel Logistics chose Freightdata not only for its quick and easy installation but for its incredible value for money.
Go to the Freightdata website to learn more about Freightdata 2000 and the incredible price deals available on our product.


 Freightdata’s special understanding of the customers needs and its willingness to assist and support customers in this region provides confidence to prospective customers that Freightdata is a highly professional product with true international vision. Freightdata always operates with customers that need dynamic control of their cargo  with support at every level, providing  professional database options in MS SQL Server and Oracle, using the latest MS Windows technology.
















Exel Logo

Fast, Easy  and Reliable

Operational staff find Freightdata 2006 easy to use and were able to use the product the same day of installation. It&##39;s connectivity with the whole Microsoft environment makes Freightdata an extension of  their working environment.

Freightdata&##39;s excellent on-line help and tutorials, guides  customers through the learning curve making life easier for staff and management alike. No wonder Freightdata is relied on by customers  throughout the Middle East in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Jordon.


Staff at Exel Jeddah
Exel&##39;s operational staff find Freightdata 2006 easy to use.